FAQs about ReFEEL App

ReFEEL App is a door 2 door same day delivery solution. ReFEEL App is a marketplace that connects drivers who are willing to deliver parcels and customers from all around the world who sends them. ReFEEL App brings the parcels at your fingertips. 

Couriers are entrepreneurs with a vehicle and smartphone who registered in our App and who are willing to deliver parcels in their way. Do you want to become one of them? Great! Download the app from Google Play and App Store and enrol as a Driver. 

ReFEEL App intermediates the connection between drivers and customers who want to send / receive parcels. You can create your own account as a Customer or a Driver and start using the app. 

It’s quite simple to order with ReFEEL App. Create an account as a Customer and place an order by choosing the pick-up and drop point for your parcels, the day and the time, as well as the contact information of the consignee. 

The Driver who is traveling will list his trip by choosing the departure and destination address. When the destinations match, the customer and driver are put in contact to prepare and make the delivery.  

The cost of each delivery is calculated and displayed within ReFEEL App, considering the distance between the pick-up and drop-down addresses. 

Currently, ReFEEL App is accessible from Romania and it will soon be available in other countries too. 

We know that emergencies don’t wait and 9-5 work does not apply to your personal life and that the weekends are the only days you can take care of your task chores, this is why ReFEEL App offers a 24/7 service at users convenience, with no time restrictions. 

ReFEEL App delivers (almost) everything fits in a supermarket bag, except for illegal items. Check the detailed Terms and Conditions of the App before sending your parcel. 

For the time being, our couriers their use personal cars to transport the parcels inside and inter-city, so a 20x40x50 cm supermarket bag under 10 kilos weight is recommended, if your parcel exceeds the recommended size and weight, please inform the Driver ahead of time and make sure he is able to transport it. No additional charges should be applied, apart from the price shown in the app. 

It is forbidden to transport living or dead animals for the comfort and safety of all those involved.  

Personal information can be changed at any time from your Account by following the steps displayed in the app. 

On your Account details section, you can modify the email address linked to your account. The new email will be changed right away once it has been confirmed. 

The password for your Account can be changed on your profile details page. 

Your order will have specific statuses, from pending, started and delivered. You will get notifications when the Driver has made changes to his trip, and when the Driver enters the destination city. An estimated time of arrival will be automatically calculated by the App, according to the starting hour of the planned trip, however please consider that the estimated arrival time might differ. For additional information, make sure you contact the Driver to arrange all the details. 

The driver is responsible for the delivery of the parcels in proper conditions. However, before sending a parcel, please follow our recommendations: make sure the objects you send are properly wrapped and your parcel is well sealed, and if there are missing products at destination, contact us at mail@refeel.app. We’ll respond to you as soon as we can with a solution. 

Before sending a parcel, please follow our recommendations: make sure the objects you send are properly wrapped and your parcel is well sealed. Mention to the driver if the parcel is fragile or needs special treatment such as termo-bag transport. Make sure you send items that are suited for long-time trips and the weather conditions. If you have any inquiry, please contact us at mail@refeel.app. We’ll respond to you as soon as we can with a solution. 

Yes, if the courier has already taken your order and is on the way to the destination. You will be charged for the delivery in progress. ReFEEL App holds the price of the trip when it is initiated and does not refund the fee after the Driver has confirmed and picks up the parcel. If the Driver confirms and cancels the order, ReFEEL App will look for another driver to deliver the parcel, if no Driver is available, ReFEEL App will refund the amount if the order was not delivered. 

At the moment, orders cannot be modified, the Customer needs to cancel the current order and place a new one with modified details. For real-time updates, please get in touch with the Courier and arrange all the details. However, we recommend sticking with the app for a smoother delivery process and tracking of records.

Legal & Financial Aspects

We accept credit or debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. 

The app’s payment procedure is entirely secure through our partners. ReFEEL App does not store any banking information to further guarantee your security. 

Invoices are automatically generated by ReFEEL App and sent to your e-mail address.  

Sky is the limit. With ReFEEL App with can earn as much as you work. The cost of the trips will be displayed within the app according to the start and end point. Just list your trip in the app now! 

ReFEEL App charges 25% of the delivery cost. 

Drivers who enroll within ReFEEL App need to be registered as a Registered Sole Trader, LLC or any registered company to start delivering. 

ReFEEL Solutions, Inc. does not apply VAT on its fares. 

ReFEEL App allows card only payments. 

ReFEEL App does not have a tip option and encourages the users to run financial transactions within the app only. 

If you did not find the answer to your question here, you can always write to us at the following email address mail@refeel.app