ReFEEL App started as a solution for homemade food students from the countryside receive from their parents, as an alternative to train or bus which are currently used as 20, 30 or even 50 years ago.   

ReFEEL is the bound with the loved ones, with the homemade soup cooked by your grandma or the sausages prepared by your father, it is the messenger who brings the homemade food cooked with love and affection, and extended to any emergency you may have: a document or a personal item that you need right away.  

ReFEEL is democratized courier using the power of technology and people, it is about mutual help and sustainability brought to the next level. 

Your parcel is at your fingertip!


Showcased in the premiere on Imperiul Leilor (Romanian Shark Tank) and awarded with Biz Sustainability Awards for Digital Innovation, ReFEEL App is the Door 2 Door Same Day Delivery Solution. 

How does ReFEEL App works?

Using crowdsourcing principles, ReFEEL App connects drivers and customers who want to send parcels.


  • Customer lists the order 
  • Driver lists the ride                       


  • Send 
  • Receive parcels 


  • Transport parcels on your way and earn money driving 

History of ReFEEL App

Sameday Delivery Solution

As any start-up, ReFEEL App had to overcome many challenges, from product designing to business operation and funding innovation, but now it breaks the distance barriers for loved ones and brings the world closer. 

Today, ReFEEL is more than a courier service that carries the parcel of homemade food cooked by the mother, grandmother or a close relative. ReFEEL is the connection with your loved ones, it is the messenger who brings your tastes from home, when you are away, or simply when you miss your mother’s soup, grandma’s zacusca or ham smoked by my father for the holidays.  

ReFEEL saves you from going to the train station or bus station to carry packages by means of transport, because the traditional package from your family can now be delivered with the help of technology, EASIER, FASTER and with FEWER WORRIES. 

Biz Sustainability Awards For Digital Innovation In 2021​

Biz Sustainability Awards event gather together professionals recognized for their innovative spirit and managers who want to create added value to their companies.  

“I believe that the future is the collaborative economy, the one in which we help each other, where new markets emerge with the help of technology, and small communities can connect to the global economy to find their way to prosperity. We created ReFEEL App to connect communities, to bring an additional source of income to those who commute or travel occasionally and to reinvent cultural habits with the help of technology.”– Lavinia Iancu, Founder & CEO @ReFEEL Solutions, Inc. 

The Story Of ReFEEL App​

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”ReFEEL App is inspired by the long journey I made with the parcel from my grandmother crossing Bucharest city from North to South. In 2011, when I entered college, I had to take the subway almost the entire bus, take 5 stops on the 301 bus and carry the heavy bag of a few kilograms for about 20 minutes on foot, until I reached the campus. The long road on Biharia Street made me want a solution that would take the burden off the shoulders of students from the countryside.”– Lavinia Iancu 

What do we believe in?



We bring the parcels at your fingertips! 


Aimed to become a worldwide sustainability HUB 


Inovation, Sustainability, Support 

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„Astăzi am avut primele interviuri telefonice pentru a găsi colaboratori ReFEEL App.  Au fost niște discuții foarte sincere, transparente, niște oameni cu experiență de viață

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